It is our aim to align artists, promoters, venues, educators, music production companies, and audiences, in order to strategize for equity among all members of our music ecosystem in the Greater Madison Area. Through these connections, we hope to deliver policy solutions to protect, support, and preserve our music community, using the power of music to create a more inclusive and diverse landscape in Madison, and beyond.

Our community-led teams will create and implement a plan to increase music-related jobs, local investment, including marketing opportunities to promote tourism, will strengthen the ability to attract and retain artists to our area, and improve community relations, especially for people of color.

Click here for information on our budget, projected outcomes, and more.

The video below features Sound Diplomacy Founder and Group CEO, Shain Shapiro, defining the benefits of creating a music ecosystem:

How You Can Participate

The Greater Madison Music City Project is currently surveying the Madison community on how they view our current music ecosystem, and how they would improve it. This survey takes around five minutes to complete, and if you share your contact information you will be entered into a drawing for $50.

*Your name will only be entered once into the drawing.

Our Sponsors & Supporters

David Boyd of SoSonic and Indie TuneUp

Walter Jankowski of Better Dash Faster

Shain Shapiro of Sound Diplomacy

national endowment for the arts

Madison public library

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